Grass-Fed, Grass Finished Beef

Grass Fed, Grass Finished Yak

Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef, Yak & Lamb

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Whole and Half Yak and Beef

Our meats are the most delicious you will ever eat. We don't just say this -- our customers do!

 Stock up for winter with our whole and half beef or yak. All our meats are dry aged then hand processed by our expert craft butcher and vacuum packed to ensure they remain delicious for years (yes, years) to come.

Whole is at least 440 lbs of meat. 
Half is at least 220 lbs of meat.

We personally will help select the right cuts for you and your family.

Why our meats are the best you will ever eat

Our animals are raised on our family ranch in Chama, NM. All our cattle are grass-fed and finished on the nutrient dense grasses of the Chama Valley. In the winter months the animals eat hay from our farm or neighboring farms. All our animals are born and bred locally.  We practice regenerative grazing --  in the summer months we move our animals throughout our pastures to ensure the health of the grasses and soils. We stay with the animals every day, moving them and monitoring their health and welfare.

Grass-fed grass-finished; all natural; no added hormones; no antibiotics.

Got Questions?

Remember, we are your personal rancher and your personal butcher, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for or have ANY questions or requests, please contact us.