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Eye of Round Roast - Beef

Weight: 1.0 - 1.24 lbs

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A lean, flavorful cut often used for roast beef at the deli. Eye of Round can be roasted or slow-cooked at home for an everyday meal.

This is also a great roast to use for making jerky.

Eye of round also makes the best corned beef or pastrami. We all used to use brisket, because that was the cheapest cut. But brisket has gone up in price, so we can step up to a better cut for our corned beef or pastrami.

For a limited time we're offering the pickling spices for curing the roast. Just ask. (My mom recalls the butcher giving her the pickling spices for the brine.)

Don't forget the sauerkraut with your pastrami sandwich, to feed your microbiome.

Our animals only eat the nutrient rich grasses and drink from the crystal clear creeks of our high mountain ranches in Chama, New Mexico. 

Our meats are processed by our expert craft butcher.

Healthy meats; plain and simple.

Why this is the best tasting Beef you’ve ever had

Our meats are the best you’ve ever tasted because we control the entire supply chain. Our yaks are bred, born and raised on our ranches.(Robert purchases all our cattle from our neighbors or from local auction houses) In the summers they enjoy the high mountain grasses and fresh spring waters on our Wolf Creek Ranch. In the winters we move the yaks to our lower elevation farm 20 miles from the ranch where they eat Timothy hay that was grown either on our farm or neighboring farms. Our processor is located right in Chama, and his craft butchery is second to none. Also, our team members all have historic ranching  roots in the Chama Valley giving them a deep knowledge of animal husbandry and regenerative grazing practices of the region.