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Grass Fed, Grass Finished Yak

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Ground Yak
Ground Yak

I ordered 5lbs of ground Yak and some steaks. So far I have only used one pound of ground meat. My wife made 3-1/4lb burgers. She barely seasoned, cooked them medium rare and they were perfect. Quality is top notch, flavor is awesome!
Thank you Lisa and Robert. Keep up the great work.
PS, when I eat the other meat, I'll put up a new review!

Summer Yak Pack
Rich B. (Scarborough, US)
Delicious, and a great conversation starter!

Loved the variety and opportunities to try new cuts. It was also a great topic of conversation as none of my guests had ever tried yak. Some were definitely a little intimidated, but they all said it was delicious!

Chuck Roast - Beef
Jenni G. (Bayfield, US)
Best beef in the west !!

I marinated in Italian seasoning and slow cooked these
Chuck roasts . Amazing so tender and brilliant my 40 guest said !! Delicious Italian beef sandwiches with ajou and fresh tomatoes and basil and fresh mozzarella !

New York Strip Steak - Yak
Valentina B. (Albuquerque, US)
Felt like Christmas!!

I bought the ground yak and steaks. The yak steaks with some Montreal seasoning were delicious and tender. The taste was similar to beef so this transition to a more nutrient protein has been great. As I live in ABQ, I wanted to know where my meat was coming from and support my local farmers in New Mexico. I am very pleased with my purchase and look forward to purchasing meat here exclusively moving forward.

Sirloin Tip - Beef
john m. (Arroyo Seco, US)
Great on the grill!

Tips turned out amazing!

Flank Steak - Beef
G. B. (Henderson, US)
Flank steak review

We marinated the flank steak for 24 hours and grilled it 375 - 400 degrees for about 12 - 13 minutes resulting in light pink/medium meat. The meat had good flavor but was a little on the tough side.

Stew Meat - Beef
Customer (Phoenix, US)
Absolutely excellent beef

Absolutely excellent beef!!!
Chama Valley Meat has excellent beef and we’ve been very happy with it.
I highly recommend them.

Excellent quality beef.

I was fortunate to grow up on a ranch. I've been looking for beef that tastes as great for a very long time. All the efforts going into these animals and the care of the ranch comes through in the final product. This is an exceptional value for beef of this high quality.

Ground Beef
Beefy G. (Castle Rock, US)
Ground Beef

Excellent quality

Ground Yak - 15 lbs - Volume Discount
Rusty (Fort Morgan, US)
Love the Yak burgers!

Easy to order, delivered as promised. The meat was delicious, very subtle game taste, similar to bison. Will try more soon!

Great beef!

Love this grass-fed beef.

Ribeye Steak, Bone-in, Yak
Jason P. (Durango, US)
Rib Eye Steaks

Value and flavor. Grass fed and finished. Lean. Outstanding!

Ground Meat - Yak - Bulk 5 lb pack
Patti D.
Yak it up!

The ground yak is a lotta bang for your buck. Just the perfect fat content for grilling with a deep savory flavor. Looking forward to using it in my Greek dishes!

Ground Beef
BoxCar C. (Denver, US)

Ground Beef

Ground Yak
Rich B. (Scarborough, US)
Perfect for sliders!

Made sliders for the family this weekend using the ground yak and it was delicious! Incredibly juicy with just some salt and pepper on the grill.

T-Bone Steak - Yak
Rich B. (Scarborough, US)
Like buttah!

I had never had yak meat before, so this was a real pleasure! I was excited, but my girlfriend was a little nervous, as she generally only likes beef. However, we were both blown away by how tender this cut was, and all of her fears about it being "gamey" were disproven with the first bite!

I cooked mine in a cast iron pan with oil, butter, and garlic. Brought it to room temperature first, salted it on both sides for about an hour, and then cooked it low and slow. You can't go wrong!

Jump Into June
Konnie A. (Denver, US)

Delicious steaks and burgers!

Ground Yak
BETSY S. (Durango, US)

The ground yak is so sweet. I like making rare burgers served with grilled onions on a Hawaiian brand pretzel bun. I also made a yakiiniase-aka bouliinaise- over angel hair pasta! Primo!

Spring Meat Bundle
Rusty (Denver, US)
excellent beef & customer service!

We bought our first bundle and it is delicious! Tender, great taste, well packaged. They were super responsive to my questions. Will definitely be buying more ( we want to try the Yak next).

Osso Buco - Beef
BETSY S. (Durango, US)
very tender

I ordered 2 packages of Osso Buco. I braised and slow cooked the shanks in cast iron. The meat has great flavor and is super tender.

Tenderloin Medallions (Filet)- Beef
Jenni G. (Durango, US)

Awesome ! The clients said

Pet Food - Ground Meat for your pets
Linda F. (Los Alamos, US)
Dogs love it!

Our dogs love their ground yak. Clean bowls, healthy fur and lots more energy in our 3 -14 plus years fur babies!

Ground Meat - Yak - 15 lbs - Volume Discount
Kevin B. (Los Alamos, US)
Will get more.

I really enjoy the flavor of this ground yak.

Ribeye Steak, Bone-in, Yak
Chris B. (Mancos, US)

Every cut I have had from the yak down to the jerky and snack sticks have been fantastic. Thank you.

Combo Pack - 20 lbs of Beef
Georgia S. (Los Alamos, US)
Really nice!

Nicely packaged, filled my freezer, and is really good meat.