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Snack Sticks - Yak
Sterling W. (Loveland, US)
Very good - not sure if they actually need to be cooked?

These have excellent flavor, they're lean, and they aren;t overloaded with garlic or salt like so many jerky sticks - I wasn't quite sure if they needed to be cooked thoroughly, but followed the warning label and browned them all/heated to 165 degrees, and stored in my fridge to enjoy for a few days. I'd be curious as to the nutritional data/calorie content and protein content when tracking macros (athlete), but I assume these compare to something like Chomps jerky sticks - just far less fat, which is the first thing that I look for. I would definitely order again!
They kind of make a good substitute for hot dogs...

Ground Yak - 15 lbs - Volume Discount
Nasir W. (Jersey City, US)

Ground Yak - 15 lbs - Volume Discount

Ground Yak
Mike (Atlanta, US)
Great ground yak

Absolutely beautiful meat. I felt compelled to eat some of it raw (like sashimi), which has never happened to me before, yummy!

Ground Beef
Mike (Atlanta, US)
The best...

Never thought I'd find myself dreaming about eating meat. I wake up in the morning and want to eat this ground beef for breakfast. I am a forever customer.

Eye of Round Roast - Beef
Sherri R. (Wichita, US)
Eye of round

Very good tasting! Hard to go back to “store” bought

Ribeye Steak, Bone-in, Yak
David B. (Taos, US)
Chana Meats are incredible!

Yes Incredible!

Brisket Roast - Beef
Abel D. (San Francisco, US)
Finally smoked the Brisket!

This brisket flat was excellent. It had a nice, even fat cap that made it extra tasty. It is a lean piece of meat, so you must be careful not to overcook it. Not this time - It came out perfectly!

Ground Yak - 4 Pack
Sherri R. (Wichita, US)

Love the Yak. Had our first at the Yak Attack last August & now we are hooked.

Chama Valley Lamb - Whole
Los A.F.M.s. (Los Alamos, US)

Every bite was delicious! The lamb was parted out into beautiful small chops, steaks, roasts, and ground meat, all vacuum packed in conveniently small lots and frozen. It arrived in perfect condition, still completely frozen, packed in an insulated bag with freezer packs in a cardboard box, all reusable.

Tenderloin Medallions (Filet)- Yak
JAMES K. (Albuquerque, US)
Meat Fondue Winner

Every winter we celebrate December with meat fondue and blind taste testing including beef tenderloin (corn fed), elk backstrap, white deer backstrap, mule deer and antelope backstrap. CVMCo yak tenderloin medallions were a new addition for us and our blind taste test winner. Simply outstanding! I purchased more yak tenderloin for this December's celebration.

Chama Valley Lamb - Whole
Patrick D. (Española, US)

haven't gotten it yet!

Chuck Roast - Beef
Lauren (Winston-Salem, US)
Amazing quality and taste!

You can tell the dedication and hard work Chama Valley Meat puts into producing quality meat! Highly recommend!

Tenderloin Roast - Vaca Vieja
Ryan A. (Spanish Fork, US)
Amazing Flavor!

Disclosure: Chama Valley Meat Company sent me two vaca vieja tenderloins for free and asked me to leave a review, but I'm free to share my own opinion.

I made the first one for grandpa's birthday so I could share it with a group of people. Everyone that tried it was amazed at the depth of flavor that it had. I've tried grass fed beef from several different sources and they didn't compare to the vaca vieja from Chama Valley Meat Company. I also expected the meat to be tougher because it was "aged on the hoof," but I did a side by side comparison to a store-bought choice grade tenderloin and the vaca vieja was more tender.

The other big plus is their butcher did a perfect job on the trim. There was no silver skin or anything that needed to be removed. Just add some salt, and throw it on the grill. You can say that for the store bought stuff.

New York Strip Steak - Yak
Eddie A. (Albuquerque, US)

Best meat I’ve ever had Will be buying more when I run out

Beef and Yak Combo Pack
Georgia S. (Los Alamos, US)
Trusted meat source

The yak and beef is wonderful and delicious to have on hand. It is great to have such an available and ecologically grown source of meat. Thank you to the Chama Valley Meat Co.

Ground Yak
Ground Yak

I ordered 5lbs of ground Yak and some steaks. So far I have only used one pound of ground meat. My wife made 3-1/4lb burgers. She barely seasoned, cooked them medium rare and they were perfect. Quality is top notch, flavor is awesome!
Thank you Lisa and Robert. Keep up the great work.
PS, when I eat the other meat, I'll put up a new review!

Summer Yak Pack
Rich B. (Scarborough, US)
Delicious, and a great conversation starter!

Loved the variety and opportunities to try new cuts. It was also a great topic of conversation as none of my guests had ever tried yak. Some were definitely a little intimidated, but they all said it was delicious!

Chuck Roast - Beef
Jenni G. (Bayfield, US)
Best beef in the west !!

I marinated in Italian seasoning and slow cooked these
Chuck roasts . Amazing so tender and brilliant my 40 guest said !! Delicious Italian beef sandwiches with ajou and fresh tomatoes and basil and fresh mozzarella !

New York Strip Steak - Yak
Valentina B. (Albuquerque, US)
Felt like Christmas!!

I bought the ground yak and steaks. The yak steaks with some Montreal seasoning were delicious and tender. The taste was similar to beef so this transition to a more nutrient protein has been great. As I live in ABQ, I wanted to know where my meat was coming from and support my local farmers in New Mexico. I am very pleased with my purchase and look forward to purchasing meat here exclusively moving forward.

Sirloin Tip - Beef
john m. (Arroyo Seco, US)
Great on the grill!

Tips turned out amazing!

Flank Steak - Beef
G. B. (Henderson, US)
Flank steak review

We marinated the flank steak for 24 hours and grilled it 375 - 400 degrees for about 12 - 13 minutes resulting in light pink/medium meat. The meat had good flavor but was a little on the tough side.

Stew Meat - Beef
Customer (Phoenix, US)
Absolutely excellent beef

Absolutely excellent beef!!!
Chama Valley Meat has excellent beef and we’ve been very happy with it.
I highly recommend them.

Excellent quality beef.

I was fortunate to grow up on a ranch. I've been looking for beef that tastes as great for a very long time. All the efforts going into these animals and the care of the ranch comes through in the final product. This is an exceptional value for beef of this high quality.

Ground Beef
Beefy G. (Castle Rock, US)
Ground Beef

Excellent quality

Ground Yak - 15 lbs - Volume Discount
Rusty (Fort Morgan, US)
Love the Yak burgers!

Easy to order, delivered as promised. The meat was delicious, very subtle game taste, similar to bison. Will try more soon!