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£53 Wagyu Steak Vs £8 Old Retired Dairy Cow | John Quilter


What is the best steak ton of Dairy Cow or Wagyu? Can you tell the difference? This is better than what I thought. Great flavors, actually

I think it's <inaudible>. I'm really passionate about innovation and development in food. Something


Get excited about and

I'm excited

About retired Dairy Cow. You might have heard me talking about it and I did my cottage pie on crack with it.

What I Love about this produce is That retired Dairy cow just used to be kicked off into the food chain Unceremoniously And Not respected or prized For what it really is, which is Beef That's 10 years old.

And what's amazing about the

Retired dairy cow ribs is they look like Wagyu, the most expensive


In the world. And it got me thinking, what if they tasted as good as Wagyu? Right? Just walked up at Hart's in Knightsbridge in London, a mecca for anything luxury, for anything of the best.

And we're gonna go in to the

World famous food hall and see if we can get hold of some wa Wagyu beef. What am that set for it sir? No together's fine. Thanks mate. Okay, that was a real eyeopener. Two Wagyu steaks gets how much? 107 quid for two steaks. Mr. Quilter. Hello mate. How

Are you?

Yeah, good. Very good. Ripe ready

For a look around the farm. Let's

Do it

John. These are the cows. There are retired dairy cows. Now, normally when cows get retired they do not get celebrated and what you end up with is animals in the food chain and they could end up as dog food really? And we hated it. We wanna celebrate these girls. They've worked hard their whole lives, so we get them out to pasture for the last eight, 12 months of their lives. Okay? And then what we end up with is some fantastic meat, but the only way you can do that, they've got to be grass fed and they've got to be organic. And the result at the end, well come and see this fall. So a good life equals

Great flavor and you can see that, can't you?

Yeah. If you look at the marbling running through it,

All of that

Tastes incredible. And that's why we think this can go up against the wa I don't forget

This is 85% cheaper. It's a bold claim. Thanks mate. See you soon John. Thanks Ben. How freaking cool is this? I can't wait to get this meat onto the griddle. This challenge is on people. So Wagyu and retired dairy cow. Now look at these guys. They're separated in priced by 53 pound and eight pound 50. But look at the marbling in the wagu and then look at the marbling in the retired dairy cow. It's so similar. Now to decide which one is the best, then I'm gonna need some help. So let me introduce you to three mates from the industry.

Hi, my name's Cal mackay. I've been a butcher for about seven or eight years now. I work for a company in London called Ginger Pig. What makes good beef is 40 days minimum. Dry age, lot of maring rare breed. That's what you've got. Hi, my name is Antoine Mil. I'm the c e o of island Hospitality called Art Farm. I worked in 11 country run a lot of restaurant made most famous restaurant around the world. And I'm very interested from a customer point of view to see the difference between the Wagyu how he stands against the retired dairy cow.

My name's Matt Burgess, group head

Chef of caravan restaurants. Been in this trade 20 years, mate. I know my

Mate. Okay, and this dairy cow, not too sure,

Not too sure mate. Wagyu is the way to go.

So three big itters

Who really know

Their meat. First up, let's getting the Wagyu cooked. When cooking estate people keep it simple. So you need an oil with a high smoke point, something like a veg oil or a sunflower oil and dab it on either side. Then salt and pepper. I'm using freshly cracked and some sea salt. And the most important thing is get it out the fridge at least half an hour before you cook it so that it comes up to room temperature, which is not a problem with today's weather, right? Searing hot grill. Let's get the steak on. Now. Most important thing, take your stake off and don't touch it. Let it rest. Don't even think about taking a nick off it. That will ruin it. Let your snake sit there for a couple of minutes to nice and rest up nice and rest up. That's really good English.

Okay, boys. Wagyu looks the part, doesn't it? Okay, I'm looking for the as well. Sorry. Oh geez. Might be a little bit. Oh, that is, that is special. Surprisingly. Salad. Len Butcher. What's he saying to you? Really nice, really tender. Good flavor, isn't it? Taste the flat. Delicious. Matt, chef. I I love it. I think it's delicious. The fat's just running through there. It's just been rendered down. It's been rested to perfection. Really


Really delicious. Chef said it was looked to perfection. Anton restaurateur. Well, I'm actually pretty surprised. It's better than what I thought. Great flavors actually. Nice fat, perfectly cooked. No. Great. Good. Okay. How are you feeling? You know, the retired dairy can has got a lot to live up to there, hasn't it? Yeah, I don't think it's <inaudible> really. No, that's a delicious piece of, well, actually value for money for the dairy cow will be five, six times cheaper. Yeah, well that's the point, isn't it? It's five to six times cheaper. Is it going to be, is this five to six times better? We'll see.

Next up the retired dairy cow. Now look at it. It's a lot deeper, a lot darker in color and that's because it's a lot older. It can be from five to seven years older than your average steak. That means it's got five to seven years of grass fed beef fat in it, which is gonna make it so flavorsome. We cook it exactly the same, but we finish it slightly differently. So let's season it up and get it on the grill. Once you've flipped the retired dairy cow ribeye for the second time, you've got some good color, you need to take it off because it's older. It needs to be finished differently. You need to cook this steak now in the oven for the next sort of two or three minutes and it enables it to cook all the way through and to relax a little so in the oven for the last five minutes. Okay, there you go. Voice

At that. No way anyone will ever know that it's staring camera.

Exactly right. Yeah.

This here, look at this. That's the money shot right there.

Beautiful. Right? You know what's just gonna melt

You Absolutely do

I believe for it <laugh>.

And you've just got this deep richness along here because that's, that's how good I am. But I I'm gonna just adapt for me.

Exactly. Exactly like that beef bath will just be insane.

Oh, honestly, that's gonna bring her out. Well, peace. Yeah, that's it. Well, peace is here and it's in the form of a dairy car.

The meat's a little bit tough, but not in a bad way. It's just that it's,

Well I wouldn't say it's all it's tough. It's just got a bit more to it. Exactly.


Gotta more resistance when you bite into it. Exactly. It's just

Doesn't melt

Like where the Wagyu is, like beef butter. Yeah. So I think next up let's do a blind tasting to see if they can tell the difference. Okay. So let's see how judges get on. So what I've asked the judges to do is to put their hand down on the left or the right of the one that they think is the retired dairy cow. Really? Yeah. <Laugh>. Yeah. You got it

Right. You got it right.

But what was the key difference? What was it that you, that made it you that you could tell

It was a depth flavor? It was the fat content in there. You could just taste the richness. You could taste, taste the age. Totally agree. You can taste the difference massively. It's, it's not as tender. It didn't have that richness, that flavor, that fat.

But it wasn't 50 pound difference to be honest with you. Not at all. Still tasty. It's still delicious. Okay. It was easy to recognize. It wa you, but I much prefer the other more interesting, better value for money. It was almost as good as the other. I, yes. It was not as tender, but I actually quite like the fact it had some resistance in meat that is got still nicely cooked. Good flavors, different. Okay. I much prefer that one much more. Interesting. So

That's the, that's the question then. So Matt, I hear what you're saying, but, and this is a question only a chef can answer, I think, but it's like, does the price difference, does it measure up? Is the Wagyu five to six times better than re the retired dairy cow?

Not at all. Not at


I, I much prefer the Dairy cow for value for money because I could tell you what that is gonna make me money.


The Wagyu iss not. Yeah, the Wagyu is just gonna make me look good.

So you are, you are buying dinner, you're cooking steak. What are you buying? Dairy de go de cow. That was really interesting. I think we all came to the same conclusion that when you take into consideration all the competing factors, it's retired deo all day long. And even though the Wagyu is a more luxurious eat, but IC Harris' just great. So if you like this video and you like the new format, let me know in the common box below. And if you want me to get the lads back, they really enjoyed it and they said they'd love to get involved. So increase the piece, spread the love, subscribe to the channel. See you later people.

This has been quite nice. This, hasn't it? Love steak in the cold, huh? Yeah. <Laugh>. So moaning.