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Hyperlocal Production + Innovative Logistics, Communication and Shipping

Hyperlocal Production + Innovative Logistics, Communication and Shipping

Our customers regularly tell us we raise and sell the most delicious meat they’ve ever tasted, and we agree. The high elevation pastures of our Chama Valley region provide some of the most nutrient dense grasses and plants for raising delicious, nutritious meat. We are the personal rancher to many, and we’re happy to be able to sell our meat far beyond our valley and local region. CVM co ships all over the United States - we even ship to Canada!

Local Production, Local and National Customers

We sell locally because, of course, we do. Residents and visitors of the Chama area want to enjoy one of the benefits of being in the Chama Valley region. And, the opportunity to sell our meat to customers all over the nation is a continuation of our heritage. Thanks to new innovations that makes CVM co-to-customer communication fast and easy, selling meat from animals raised on our ranches is more personal, easier and faster than ever.


When Abe Lincoln was President, Lisa’s great-great grandfather began selling beef in the Chama River Valley. (Initially he supplied the US Army - the army moves on it’s stomach, and TD Burns made a business of that.) Once the Denver and Rio Grande Western railroad reached Chama in 1881, TD Burns utilized the new logistic and transportation technology to ship his livestock to markets farther afield.

Similarly, when Robert’s great-great grandfather founded the Ferrell Ranch in 1888, he shipped beef from the train depot in Beaumont, KS, right next to his ranch. He was able to send his market-ready beef directly to the Kansas City market, which then sent the beef to hungry customers throughout the eastern US.

Modern Innovations, Nature-Guided Practices

With new innovations, at CVM co we can do what our ancestors did, only more and better. We sell to both nearby and distant customers, same as our great-great grandfathers, but thanks to modern innovations we can communicate directly with you, our customers: we can tell you specifically how we raise our animals; how we manage our pastures; and we can answer any and all questions about our agricultural and processing practices, so you can learn makes our meat the best you’ve ever eaten. That allows us to serve you even better than our great-great grandfathers were able to.

Our shipping policies reflect those values. We are your personal rancher, no matter where in the US or Canada you live. Some customers live close enough to shop in person at our butcher, or at one of our markets. Other customers are close enough that we can ship UPS ground and it arrives the next day. And, because of modern logistics and transportation, (and a negotiated, heavily discounted, UPS Next Day Air shipping rate) anybody in the US or Canada can order directly from us and receive the most delicious, nutritious meat right to their home.