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New Online Store

We have brought a new online store into the world. 

Thanks to our customers, and to our staff, and our whole community, our business outgrew our previous online store. We have launched a new store that supports our national shipping, regional delivery, and integrates with our brick-and-mortar sales and pre-order pickup locations.

We know there will be warts and bugs. That's why you can find email and phone information on every page. If something isn't working well for you when you, reach out to us. It's not you, it's us. We'll get you what you want and we'll fix the store so it works well going forward.

Things to look forward to:

  • Regular and seasonal specials.
  • Consistent inventory, so when you order you know what you'll get.
  • Simpler ordering - order and pay at the same time.
  • Multiple pickup locations - order online, pick up in person
  • Multiple sales locations - when you need some yak jerky RIGHT NOW!
  • Recipes from some chefs that love our meat. Sometimes with tied in with the specials.
  • Videos, so you can vicariously enjoy the mountain life that our animals enjoy in real life.
  • Special opportunities. (Want to spend a weekend learning to butcher your own animal? We'll be announcing that opportunity soon.)