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Mountain Ranch Musings

Our Daughter, Gabriela, Wrote This About Our Wolf Creek Ranch.

Within the sprawling mountains of New Mexico lies a bustling ranch filled with cattle that graze lazily on green grass, mischievous yaks that look for open gates, colorful horses who run down the pasture fences, and, of course, the majestic wildlife that live as the groundskeepers for the blooming ecosystem. Be it a lumbering black bear, an elegant elk, or a scampering squirrel, the forest is alive with beautiful creatures.

A hike through the forest will show all the promised flora and fauna. A variety of mushrooms line the elk-made trails and flowers of all colors bloom in the summertime sun. The trails are narrow and often built on steep hills–elk can walk up anything! Despite many of them being built on sheer slopes, horses rarely have trouble following them; A favorite pastime for many is trail riding through these green pine and aspen forests. Even in autumn and winter, when aspens and cottonwoods lose their leaves, the evergreens of New Mexico stay full and make for shelter from heavy snows and rains.

When not hiking or riding through the woods, warm days call for a tromp in the nearby creek. The creek, filled with freshwater from the snow-tipped mountains, provides cool, freshwater, not only for people and land animals, but for trout, chubs, and salmon. Fishing is a popular sport here, pertaining to the quality and quantity of fishes, and, of course, the gorgeous scenery surrounding the banks.

In short, the possibilities here for nature lovers are endless, whether you appreciate long scenic hikes, horseback rides, or fishing, or enjoy spending the day hunting for mushrooms and flowers.