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Marrow Bones - Yak

Weight: 2.5 - 2.99 lbs

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Eat deliberately, with other people whenever possible, and always with pleasure. ~ Michael Pollen

A soft, fatty substance, marrow is found inside flat bones such as the vertebrae, sternum, ribs and hip bones. The marrow is packed full of vitamins and minerals and is critical for maintaining a healthy immune system and for the synthesis of blood cells.

From a gastronomic health standpoint, the marrow is jam packed with vitamins, minerals, healthy fatty acids, and collagen.

We love using these yak bones for an incredibly delicious bone broth or as a treat for our fur babies (all four of them).

Our yaks and cattle only eat the nutrient rich grasses and drink from the crystal clear creeks of our high mountain ranches in Chama, New Mexico. 

Our meats are processed in Chama by our personal craft butcher.

Healthy meats; plain and simple.

Why this is the best tasting Yak you’ve ever eaten

Our meats are the best you’ve ever tasted because we control the entire supply chain. Our yaks are bred, born and raised on our ranches while Robert purchases all our cattle from our neighbors or from local auction houses. In the summers the animals enjoy the high mountain energy dense grasses and snow-fed spring waters on our Wolf Creek Ranch. In the winters we move the yaks and cattle to our lower elevation farm 20 miles from the ranch where they eat Timothy hay that was grown either on our farm or neighboring farms. Our processing is done either in Chama by a craft butcher or by another craft butcher in Colorado. Also, our team members all have historic ranching roots in the Chama Valley, giving them a deep knowledge of animal husbandry and regenerative grazing practices of the region.