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Yaka Vieja - 1/2 Yak


Yaka Vieja: The most flavorful, rich, tender meat money can buy. Aged-on-the-hoof, then dry-aged to perfection.

You'll get 85 lbs of packaged meat. The meat is dry-aged for 2 weeks, then cut, vacuum packed and frozen.

The meat from older animals has become popular, once again, because of the rich flavor that comes with age. Since our animals are well cared for throughout their lives the meat is tender and succulent. 

In Spain "Vaca Vieja" refers to the delicious, flavorful meat from an older beef. We riffed on that and made up the name "Yaka Vieja".

Pay A Deposit To Reserve Your Yak. We'll respond with an estimate of when your meat will be ready. 

Everything is vacuum packed, and includes:

  • 25 lbs of Tenderloin, Ribeye, New York Strip, Flat Iron, Top Sirloin, Sirloin Tip, Coulotte (Picanha), Ranch Steaks (from the arm), Minute Steaks and Stew Meat
  • 10 lbs of Osso Buco (Shank), Soup Bones, Knuckle, Marrow and Dog Bones
  • 50 lbs of ground yak, packaged in 1lb packs

"Vaca Vieja" (old cow) has been a special treat for those "in the know" because of the rich flavor that comes with age. This is from yak, hence "Yaka Vieja". Here are three articles:

There's a myth that grass-fed livestock doesn't finish with a nice layer of fat. Clearly whoever perpetuates that myth doesn't appreciate the wonderful mountain grass (and hay) we have here at The Chama Valley Meat Co. (And, some meat industry folks have told us: "you are wasting grain to produce all that fat". No we aren't! We don't feed any grain. These animals just free-range, free-choice feed open pasture.)

That grass-fed fat is high in the Omega 3 fatty acids, too. Those are said to be good for us humans. The rich yellow color in grass fed yak comes from Beta-carotene, an important anti-oxidant. Unlike the majority of micro-nutrients within yak which cannot be seen with the naked eye, you can actually SEE how beta-carotene affects beef fat – from the color!

That dark red meat is tender and flavorful. Yaks are native to the high Himalayas, so they have more myoglobin than cattle, which gives the meat that delicious, dark red color.

You get all the meat from one of our yaka vieja -- Aged on the hoof:), and then dry-aged to perfection. 

Why this is the best tasting Yak you’ve ever eaten

Our meats are the best you’ve ever tasted because we control the entire supply chain. Our yaks are bred, born and raised on our ranches while Robert purchases all our cattle from our neighbors or from local auction houses. In the summers the animals enjoy the high mountain energy dense grasses and snow-fed spring waters on our Wolf Creek Ranch. In the winters we move the yaks and cattle to our lower elevation farm 20 miles from the ranch where they eat Timothy hay that was grown either on our farm or neighboring farms. Our processing is done either in Chama by a craft butcher or by another craft butcher in Colorado. Also, our team members all have historic ranching roots in the Chama Valley, giving them a deep knowledge of animal husbandry and regenerative grazing practices of the region.

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